Sister Morphine, Mother Methadone

Publicado: 19/05/2015 en Opiniónes de los lectores

INPUD's International Diaries

Guest blog: Thank you to our guest blogger this month, who has given us, incredibly in just under 600 words, an engaging, intimate yet candid reveal of over 38 years of a life entwined with heroin. A small yet perfectly formed piece of literature, complete and ready for the drug user’s historical book of insight and prose. Now there’s a book in the making friends: Page 1…

Written by Anon: or rather A Mature User – AKA Muser.

Sister Morphine, Mother Methadone

After that first snort – that was it – I thought ‘my life was sorted’.  I just felt like, I was at peace. I had confidence. It got rid of the fear of intimacy, I enjoyed sex. It really was a eureka moment. I didn’t wake up with a hangover (little did I know) and it just seemed like you didn’t have to pay the piper.  I thought, ‘You…

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